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Thirakkil alpam sthalam
  Rosemeriyude aagashangal

Stories by Vatsala  capturing the breathe of one’s own surroundings, analyzing, the salt of pain, the sweetness of happiness leading through the heavenly moments of creation, the blessings of language are the stories. In each story life pulsates when the reader experiences them.
“The Fly Over” Fly Over is an emotional jump from the old civilization to the present day globa lCulture.

For the girl, Rosemary, life is an endless journey. She is in search of internal security, but nobody realizes her. She meets several young men, even sanyasins, yet for them she is an ordinary girl, who has not a strong self at all. A young man who did she meet on a travel to the North, wants to know her more, He throws away the clothes of priesthood, and reaches her, but .....
Konichchottile muriyil velichcham

Kunhi   Othenan son of Kannaman a tribe’s man was happy to leave schooling at the instant his Father Kannaman wanted him to take charge of his two buffaloes to the forest to graze. He wanted to visit the unlimited expanse of the forest, which he was used to go with uncles, to hunt small animals to catch wild poultry, to cage parrots and the like.His own father was to lazy to work......

“This is the story of a young man, his travels and discoveries; it is a different novel by the author. With the deep emotional setting, Tried, for enclosing, in the form of a novel.” The character named Gauthaman, is the real Gauthaman .Sickness, parting, old age, and death, appear as the fate of a living being. The soul of man seeking the valley of shelter is defined here.
Karutha mazhapeyyunna thazvara

Sudharman and his father sat on the veranda, at two ends looking at two directions. The lamp burning between them was weak. The glass encased in the iron net was smoked, nobody tried to clean it. The strip of wind entered inside and the flame flickered.The father was looking to the direction where the bus was to come. The son looked to opposite. The last bus to the down city was late.


In this novel, Vatsala has taken an out of the way, though I haven’t read all of her works. The narration does not entangle within a plot. The break through is liberally celebrated. Hence the change reveals as well as the traditional concepts cool of the hereditary life images. , which is but the novel is not being lost for ever. The idea of the Express High way had aroused a voluminous approval and disapproval in the media. 

List of Books by P.Vatsala
Novalukal [Novels]
  1. Nezalurangunna vazikal
  2. Agneyam
  3. Palayam
  4. Melppalam
  5. Venal
  6. Nellu
  7. Thakarcha
  8. Namparukal
  9. Thrishnatude Pookkal
10. Kooman Kolli
11. Kanal
12. Gouthaman
13. Aarum Marikkunnilla
14. Chaver
15. Rosemeriyude agashangal
16. Vilapam
17. Aadijalam
Cherukathhakal [Short Stories]     
  1.  Pempi  
  2.  Aanavettakkaran
  3.  Dushyanthanum BhImanum illaaththa lokam
  4.  Anupamayude Kaavalkkaran
  5.  Arundhathi Karayunnilla
  6.  Pamgurupushpaththinte then
  7.  Asokan ayaaLum Asokanum AyaaLum
  8.  Kali 98Thudarchcha
  9.  Konichchottile muriyil velichcham
10.  Kottayile Prema
11.  Pooram
12.  Karutha Mazha Peyyunna Thazhvara    
13.  Pokku veyil, Ponveyil.
14.  Pazhaya, Puthiya, Nagaram  
15.  Thirakkil Alpam Sthalam
16.  Arundhathi Karayunnilla
17.  Madakkam  
18.  Aaranyakandem  
19.  Kaalal, Kavaalal
20.  Unikkoran Chatopadhyaya  
21.  Mythiliyude Makal
22.  Chamundikkuzhi 23.  Chandala Bhikshukiyum-Marikkunna Pournamiyum
Thiranzadutha kathakal [Selected Stories]
  1. P.vathsalayude theranheduththa Kathakal
  2. Vatsalayude Kathakal
  3. Vatsalayude Sthreekal  
Yaathrakal [Travelogues]
  1. Gallery
  2. Verittoru amerikka  
Balasahithyangal [Childers’ Literature]
  1. Pulikkuttan
  2. Usha Rani