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  Thrishnatude Pookkal

By Lalitha Ramachandran in Visala Keralam monthly, writes:” The climate is not suitable for a beginner in writing novel. One has to cope with certain formula. They think that a story according to norms is a must. The editors of weeklies are setting the formula. It is similar to box office formula in cinema. Disregarding such formulae, Vatsala has written .....  

Vatsala has created novels with strong characters. This novel deals with a young lady and traverse through the hidden routes of her mind and its depth. Still after bearing five children for her husband, Lily waits for another epoch in her life fill with love and lust .She is beautiful and attractive. She wants to live a rich lady’s life. But her husband ears a little money just to .....
Arundhathi Karayunnilla
Chandala Bhikshukiyum....  

“Having traversed long ways, and collected imagery expressions, Vatsala’s stories acquire immense beauty. Beyond mere construction, the glint of a hidden vision is vivid in her stories. The stories in this collection are proof of them. ------ The specific character ofher stories is the metamorphosis attained by the daily experiences of human life.

“The Rat-eaters” is a disturbing story of the penury of a marginalized people living in the fertile Gaga Valley, in the 21st.Century. They are not nomads, nor are they out the recognized community. Yet they are compelled to live an inhumane life. The main-stream system of life is beyond their parameter. The land lords have huge chunks of paddy and....
Kali 98Thudarchcha
 Mythiliyude Makal   

Breaking away from the orthodox concepts of feminists, Vatsala creates, volitional Female characters, who, with their inborn strength, rears a feminine life, and stands erect, in a social situation, where females want social and emotional supportive, in their vulnerable existence. They want not to exist but to live of their own strength, married or not married.Ammu kutty, the Panchayat President, tries .....


The Life shines like the Sun; the closed doors are pushed open. Nature and man, air and light unite. The dirty earth, the garbage hills polluted air and darkness disappear in the magic of a second. Death comes as moon light, to soothe the apricot leaves fall into the abyss of river. Anandan changes into the wet memory of his adolescence.A hundred and five year old man reaches on the cold sand bank after .....

List of Books by P.Vatsala

Novalukal [Novels]
  1. Nezalurangunna vazikal
  2. Agneyam
  3. Palayam
  4. Melppalam
  5. Venal
  6. Nellu
  7. Thakarcha
  8. Namparukal
  9. Thrishnatude Pookkal
10. Kooman Kolli
11. Kanal
12. Gouthaman
13. Aarum Marikkunnilla
14. Chaver
15. Rosemeriyude agashangal
16. Vilapam
17. Aadijalam
Cherukathhakal [Short Stories]     
  1.  Pempi  
  2.  Aanavettakkaran
  3.  Dushyanthanum BhImanum illaaththa lokam
  4.  Anupamayude Kaavalkkaran
  5.  Arundhathi Karayunnilla
  6.  Pamgurupushpaththinte then
  7.  Asokan ayaaLum Asokanum AyaaLum
  8.  Kali 98Thudarchcha
  9.  Konichchottile muriyil velichcham
10.  Kottayile Prema
11.  Pooram
12.  Karutha Mazha Peyyunna Thazhvara    
13.  Pokku veyil, Ponveyil.
14.  Pazhaya, Puthiya, Nagaram  
15.  Thirakkil Alpam Sthalam
16.  Arundhathi Karayunnilla
17.  Madakkam  
18.  Aaranyakandem  
19.  Kaalal, Kavaalal
20.  Unikkoran Chatopadhyaya  
21.  Mythiliyude Makal
22.  Chamundikkuzhi 23.  Chandala Bhikshukiyum-Marikkunna Pournamiyum
Thiranzadutha kathakal [Selected Stories]
  1. P.vathsalayude theranheduththa Kathakal
  2. Vatsalayude Kathakal
  3. Vatsalayude Sthreekal  
Yaathrakal [Travelogues]
  1. Gallery
  2. Verittoru amerikka  
Balasahithyangal [Childers’ Literature]
  1. Pulikkuttan
  2. Usha Rani