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This is a book of intense love. She, Anuradha, has eloped from her Village, her home, her children and from her memories.” Her husband accompanies. Santha Kumar. She is afraid when she reaches the city. The city of her early youth, the city from which she had tried to escape and the city where she clutched to survive. That is the truth.  

A Collection of twelve Stories. The theme of all these stories is the forests, the life of the primeval people, the simplicity and down to earth approach to their life. The umbilical cord connecting the living things with the habitat and environment is a bright and substantial theme in these stories.  The treatment makes clear how the human environment on the Earth has....
Kooman Kolli
Kottayile Prema  

This novel is the last one of the novel trio, written by the author after the first two novels, Nellu, and Agneyam. The place of the canvass, some main characters lives through the three books. They narrate the continuous change that occurs. The socio-political colour of the time is characteristic in the treatment of the theme.

:     A Collection of 14stories.
She has come to a pack of slaves. Without withdrawing her iron look of compassion, , she stood in front of the steel door. She was late. The door was partially closed. The security guard took out his cigar. He was longing to have a smoke. He threw away the empty match box.. The sunshine within the compound was pale.

A pack of the marginalized people is allotted tenements on a dry hill top without the primary accessories for like. From morn till night they toil in the streets or wanders through the village roads. Still they don’t get much to live a human life. A variety of characters who are out of the mainstream life attract the readers by their capacity to ....


The gate memorizing hereditary stories, after entering it, there is a great House of Education, a Government Girls’ High School, with three thousand teachers and above hundred teachers, mostly ladies, who belong to higher class society. The people in this world are a distinct community of colours, perfumes, covered by silks and cotton. Individual bodies throbbing with emotions and inner conflicts, of failures and successes---

List of Books by P.Vatsala
Novalukal [Novels]
  1. Nezalurangunna vazikal
  2. Agneyam
  3. Palayam
  4. Melppalam
  5. Venal
  6. Nellu
  7. Thakarcha
  8. Namparukal
  9. Thrishnatude Pookkal
10. Kooman Kolli
11. Kanal
12. Gouthaman
13. Aarum Marikkunnilla
14. Chaver
15. Rosemeriyude agashangal
16. Vilapam
17. Aadijalam
Cherukathhakal [Short Stories]     
  1.  Pempi  
  2.  Aanavettakkaran
  3.  Dushyanthanum BhImanum illaaththa lokam
  4.  Anupamayude Kaavalkkaran
  5.  Arundhathi Karayunnilla
  6.  Pamgurupushpaththinte then
  7.  Asokan ayaaLum Asokanum AyaaLum
  8.  Kali 98Thudarchcha
  9.  Konichchottile muriyil velichcham
10.  Kottayile Prema
11.  Pooram
12.  Karutha Mazha Peyyunna Thazhvara    
13.  Pokku veyil, Ponveyil.
14.  Pazhaya, Puthiya, Nagaram  
15.  Thirakkil Alpam Sthalam
16.  Arundhathi Karayunnilla
17.  Madakkam  
18.  Aaranyakandem  
19.  Kaalal, Kavaalal
20.  Unikkoran Chatopadhyaya  
21.  Mythiliyude Makal
22.  Chamundikkuzhi 23.  Chandala Bhikshukiyum-Marikkunna Pournamiyum
Thiranzadutha kathakal [Selected Stories]
  1. P.vathsalayude theranheduththa Kathakal
  2. Vatsalayude Kathakal
  3. Vatsalayude Sthreekal  
Yaathrakal [Travelogues]
  1. Gallery
  2. Verittoru amerikka  
Balasahithyangal [Childers’ Literature]
  1. Pulikkuttan
  2. Usha Rani